Succulent Potting Bar at Social Greenery

A guided, everything you need succulent planting experience

Succulent Potting Bar

Plants & planters & all the supplies you need to to get green and creative. Succulents are a favor-ite favor!

Conscious Retail

Wildflower seed handpressed greeting cards, journals and planners, air plants...we've got it all and can bring a tailored selection.

Young women and a child plant succulents into planters at table in a colorful, brightly lit room. On a white table sits a tray of succulents, a bowl of potting mix, a bowl of decorative rocks, and several glass jars of colorful sand. Behind it all are shelves of colorful products for sale. One hand is handing to another hand a brightly colorful hand wrapped bouquet of fresh cut flowers. A young woman is sitting at a white table. In front of her is a small succulent in a planter and a glass of sparkling rose as well as supplies to plant more succulents, including jars of brightly colored decorative sand.
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