Why rent a living, potted Christmas tree this year?

Delivered directly to you!

Our white glove in-home Christmas tree delivery is included at no extra cost in all of our living Christmas tree rentals. Reserve your tree and schedule delivery online, and we handle the rest.


When fresh cut Christmas trees are thrown away, they release all the carbon dioxide they had been purifying from the air. Social Greenery's living Christmas trees are planted after Christmas, so they continue to grow and positively impact the environment.

Donate your tree

At the end of the rental period, Social Greenery picks up and donates your living tree to beautification and reforestation nonprofits to be planted in our community and around the state.

How Christmas tree rentals work

From the comfort of your couch or the convenience of your phone, you can shop for a Christmas tree here on our website. Schedule a delivery time and any extras (can we light it for you?). We bring a living tree planted in a pot with roots and all to your home. We place it exactly where you want it and teach you how to water it. After Christmas we'll pick your tree up and donate it to a local nonprofit organization who will plant it in the ground.

In the traditional Christmas tree industry, trees begin in the ground, are cut down, and up above ground in the landfill. Green Tree Project inverts that model entirely. Our trees begin above ground, planted in pots. They go to your home (still planted in pots), and end up planted in the ground after Christmas. Christmas in your home is just the beginning of their journey; our trees enjoy a decades-long life of purifying our air and beautifying our planet

Your guilt free Christmas plan

1. Rent your living potted Christmas tree

Visit our online store and select a tree to rent. Choose from apartment height (2' to 4'), standard height (5' to 6.5') and premium height (7' to 9'). You can also select our Grow With Me Tree subscription, a service in which we provide your family a baby tree seedling that returns year after year and grows with you.

2. Schedule your free delievery

White glove in-home delivery is included in the price of all of our rentals. Select your delivery date and time during checkout at the time of your rental.

3. Decorate your sustainable tree

Decorate your tree just as you ordinarily would! Light your tree and hang your precious ornaments on it. Our trees are not the typical firs and pines, so you may be wondering if the branches are strong enough for your heavy ornaments. They are! hang lighter ornaments toward the tips of the tree and heavier ornaments closer to the interior. As a bonus, if you don't love lighting your tree, we're happy to do it for you! Add pre-lighting to your cart before checking out and we'll light your tree with beautiful warm white LED lights.

4. We pick up your tree after Christmas

After Christmas we'll be by to pick up your tree, and that's not where the magic ends. You'll have no more guilt from seeing a dead tree at your curb because Green Tree Project's living Christmas tree rentals are all donated to local nonprofits to be planted after the rental period is over.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I take care of a living, potted tree? What happens if I kill it?

Well, you’re unlikely to kill it, and there are no consequences from us if you do. We provide a watering pitcher with detailed instructions printed on the pitcher for the size of the tree you’ve selected with each tree rental to help you remember exactly how to take care of your tree. It comes down to three basic principles: 1) water the tree according to the instructions you receive at the time of delivery, which are based on the size of the tree you select 2) place the tree in a spot in your home that receives plenty of sunlight and 3) close any heating vents that would blow directly on your tree and avoid placing space heaters near your tree.

How does pick up work?

Pick up is assigned by zip code and typically runs from December 28 to January 5. There is an early pick up option available on December 27th as well as an after Epiphany pick up option, both of which are available by request via email to sam@socialgreenery.com. The pick up schedule is distributed at the time of delivery and is also available here. On your assigned pick up day, we ask that you scoot your tree outside your front door by 8am. If you’re unable to do so for any reason, please email sam@socialgreenery.com, and we will be happy to coordinate an in-home pick up.

Tree Pickup Schedule
How long is the rental period?

The rental period goes from the time you schedule your tree delivery until the day of your assigned pick up (based on zip code). The pick up schedule is distributed at the time of delivery and also available on the button below.

Tree Pickup Schedule
Is Delivery Required?

Delivery is included in the price of all rentals. It's our pleasure to bring your tree to your home and get it situated just where you want it; convenience and customer service are key components of our brand. If you are not home at the time of your scheduled delivery, we will leave your tree on your front porch.

What is the difference between a Living Tree Rental and a Grow With Me Tree Subscription?

Social Greenery offers two basic Christmas tree services: Living Tree Rentals and Grow With Me Tree Subscriptions. Living Tree Rentals are priced by size with a simple one time fee to rent the tree for a single Christmas season. The Grow With Me Tree is an annual subscription that includes the rental of the same tree year after year, beginning as a tiny seedling, with the addition of postcards from your tree throughout the year. The Grow With Me Tree Subscription is designed to be especially magical for families with young children, but we believe it would be fun and special for anyone.

What is the service area?

Our current service area includes the entire Oklahoma City Metro area, including OKC, Edmond, Deer Creek, Piedmont, Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman and Midwest City, Choctaw and Arcadia. Not sure if you're in our delivery area?

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Why are these trees different than the types of trees I can buy fresh cut?

Sustainability is a foundational belief of Social Greenery, so we only rent species of tree that can be successfully planted locally when we donate them after the Christmas season has ended.

Why is this pricier than a fresh cut tree?

Social Greenery provides a white glove in home delivery service for all of our living tree rentals. ​We have additional cost considerations due to the added weight of the root ball and soil on all of our trees which increases the freight and labor cost to bring them to our community and deliver them to your home.

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