Together, We've Grown.

We're sorry to leave you this way. We had plans for many years together and thousands and thousands of planted trees. Unfortunately, we've had to make the hard, but right, decision to immediately close Social Greenery. This spring Sam, the founder of SG suffered from COVID. After months of challenges with speech, breathing and cognition, Sam was finally able to meet with a specialized team at a long COVID clinic. The outlook is hopeful, but requires an immediate, aggressive lifestyle change and numerous interventions and therapies. Sam's decision to close SG is an act of love for self and for family, and as a community of people with shared values, we're sure you understand. If you're interested in carrying forward the legacy of Social Greenery forward, please connect with us. Read more about long COVID personal experiences, research and symptoms here, here, and here.

Already Reserved Your Tree This Year? Three Options:


Refunds are the default selection and will begin automatically on Thursday, November 11. You don't need to take any specific action to receive your refund. Some tree reservations made prior to May 9th will need to be refunded manually (check, cash, Paypal, Venmo, etc). We will be in touch with you if applicable.

Convert Refund to Private Party Voucher

Our lounge and succulent potting bar will be open through the end of the year as we wind down the business. You can convert your refund to a private holiday party and succulent potting bar by clicking here--we would love to host you!

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