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What Is Green Tree Project?
(Hint: It's Not About the Trees)
Founder of Social Greenery

Green Tree Project is rooted (pun intended) in living, potted Christmas tree rentals. From the comfort of your couch or the convenience of your phone, you can shop for a Christmas tree here on our website. Schedule a delivery time and any extras (can we light it for you?). We bring a living tree planted in a pot with roots and all to your home. We place it exactly where you want it and teach you how to water it. After Christmas we'll pick your tree up, we'll donate it to local nonprofits--contributing to healthier community and a growing (we're so punny) impact each year.

After two successful Christmas seasons we've expanded to offer services for all the ways families and individuals celebrate. For weddings we offer living tree rentals, tree seedling wedding favors, and even trees, supplies and suggested scripts for incorporating a tree planting ceremony in your vows.

For any party or event, we can offer a sustainable succulent potting bar. This eco-friendly activity combines the best of DIY projects and party favors. We set up a potting bar to match your colors/theme, guide your guests through the activity and clean up after ourselves. Potting bars are appropriate for bachelorette parties, retirement, anniversaries, birthdays, girls night out and more.

Our sustainable Easter Eggs are made from a plant based "plastic" and stuffed with made in Oklahoma chocolate and candies. This eco-friendly Easter option is one of a kind here in Oklahoma city. As time goes on, we're committed to expanding our portfolio of services and goods to include a sustainable swap for every way you celebrate.

Here's the thing though: the trees and succulents and Easter eggs are all things we do. What we're about, however, is family traditions. If your family prioritizes sustainability, caring for ourselves and the earth, reducing carbon footprints, etc, then you've probably encountered a hard truth: So many of the traditions inherited from decades gone by run counter to what we know to be healthy and sustainable. From party favors to pinatas to Christmas trees, we don't want to give up these things, but we know there's a great deal of waste involved in enjoying them.

That's the problem Green Tree Project is here to solve. So what do you think? What other ways do you celebrate that you wish were more sustainable?

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